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Discover why Legazpi is the City of Fun and Adventure

Legazpi City, Albay, the argest city of the Bicol Region located about 450 kilometers south of Manila is a pride city of Luzon. The Mayon Volcano, its crown jewel, is what this city brought to rise in the tourism industry. But Mayon Volcano isn’t the only reason made it popular, there is a ton of sightseeing stuffs this place has to offer too. No wonder why it’s known today as the “City of Fun and Adventure.”


Let us give you some reasons why you should visit Legazpi City now.


Sneak A Peek at the Mayon Volcano

Every tourist number one stop should be at the perfectly cone-shaped Mayon Volcano. Its panoramic view is undeniably breathtaking. Mayon Volcano is the most active volcano in the Philippines, scary for some, but for others, this is the perfect place for photo junkies. The most common outdoor activity in the area is hiking and trekking up to the crater. Hollywood celebrities like Zac Efron was a known visitor to the said volcano.


Experience Fun Outdoor Activities

Legazpi City is known for its vast number of tourism activities. Some includes zip-lining, skydiving and scuba diving. The city also serves as a jump-off point to other adventurous and water activities including river rafting and waterfalls exploration, spelunking, island hopping, skimboarding and whale shark interactions. Even the TV Show, ‘The Amazing Race Asia’ showcased several activities here. No wonder why its tourist arrivals increases at 15 percent last year. In other words, nothing can stop the rise of Mayon Volcano in the world’s top tourist destinations.


Banquet On Their Local Cuisine

Visiting Legazpi City is not complete if you haven’t try their local cuisine. Take a stop at a local eatery to try their famous Bicol Express and Pinangat that everyone loves despite its spicy flavor. You can also try some of their pork cuisines like stewed pork, various innards and pork’s blood.


Hassle Free Travel Time

Legazpi City is accessible by all modes of transportations, making it the gateway to Bicol. Visitors can choose from several transportation options when going to Legazpi. But the fastest and the most convenient type of transportation is by air travel whose travel time ranges from 45 minutes to one hour. If you’re travelling through land transportation, a bus heading to Legazpi City consumes at least nine hours travel time.


Stroll at the City Landmarks

Tourists can stroll at the Legazpi’s Rizal Park or Peñaranda Park and take a selfie at the Liberty Bell and the Peñaranda Monument. Everyone can also visit life-sized statues and centuries-old churches like the Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue, the Saint Raphael Church and the Saint Gregory the Great Cathedral. Obviously, this city is made for architecture junkies.


Shop for Local Products

For people who enjoy shopping, take home some of Legazpi City’s wide set of local products and delicacies at their notable markets. Tourists can try visiting the Pacific Mall Legazpi, the first full-sized mall in Bicol. Other malls in Legazpi include Embarcadero de Legazpi, which is also a night market where you can shop all night. Some of their prominent products include the pili nuts, native pies, dried fish and other souvenirs you will love. Lastly, try buying them in wholesales or bulks to get a discount.








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