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Do you want to know the Top 7 Tourist Destinations In Batanes You Shouldn’t Miss?



Batanes is too much beauty in one place. Even if it’s the smallest province in the Philippines by land area and population, but it is in no way little when it comes to magnificence. This 10-piece archipelago has so much of spectacular sights to offer to lucky, lucky visitors. A tour in Batanes alone has the ability to make you question whether everything you see is real. Batanes is dreamy, fantastic, surreal and Uno Tours, the best tour operator in the Philippines, will make that travel dream to Batanes come true with our Batanes tour packages. Below are top 7 tourist destinations in Batanes you shouldn’t miss.





You may found these labyrinthine network of hedges called the liveng by the locals as you explore the hills of Batanes. It runs all over farms and pasturelands and forms like a verdant mix of maze and web. The liveng is usually built by planting shrubs, bamboos, or small trees. It protects the crops against grazing animals, and windbreakers. It is also designed to prevent soil erosion and serves as monument of their farm lots.






Say hello to Racuh Apayaman, known as the Marlboro Country, a famous pastureland. Marvel at the spectacular panorama of green meadows where water buffalo, horses and other livestock roam freely, the mountains, the hills, and the sea, as you listen to the gentle song of the wind. The image in your head will surely linger for days, months, and even years to come.





Imnajbu is a word which means settlement to the lowland or downhill, and is the smallest barangay in Batanes. This place is considered as the birthplace of Christianity in the islands though Fr. Mateo Gonzales, OP, Apostle of Batanes, who first landed in Imnajbu in 1682 A.D. according to church records. Therefore, it is a very significant and historical site in Batanes. Facing the Pacific, the site also offers spectacular vistas of the seascape and rock formations.





Located in Sabtang, this arch made of stone is the most photographed spot in Batanes, so popular that it becomes an icon. This arch was created by the sea and the island’s geologic forces. It also helps as a shade under the sun for tourists to stay and sometimes to have lunch. If you walk further the arch, the long stretch of shore behind it was impeccable.





Batanes has three lighthouses located in Basco, Mahatao and Sabtang Island. These structures were built not only to guide seafarers across the ocean, but also as tourist attractions. All three lighthouses are open to visitors anytime, emphasizing the view with their splendid and striking presence.





This beach is composed of boulders instead of white sand. Valugan means “east” in the Ivatan language. These boulders are said to be igneous rocks emitted by Mt. Iraya when it was geologically active hundreds of years ago. Photographers are usually the ones who visit here and want to do sunrise shoots amid the fantastic backdrop. Swimming here is impossible in order to avoid being smashed between the boulders and the sea.





The view deck is located at the island of Mahatao facing the West Philippine Sea, making this an ideal spot for sunset watching. It offers a magnificent view on the island’s coastline characterized by sea waves smashing the cliffs. This is also the perfect place to relax and enjoy the breeze of the wind blowing from the sea with the sight of the clear blue sea. Climbing back up is not for the faint of knees though.




Batanes is indeed bathed in serenity and dramatic scenery. No wonder it has virtually zero crime rate. Explore the province with your own or with your friends with Uno Tours’ Batanes travel packages to make your Batanes adventures unforgettable. 



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