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Romantic Activities in Boracay for Couples

With Christmas that is nearly just around the corner, we’re certain that many couples specially those who will be celebrating their anniversaries come holiday season are busy looking for Boracay promo tours that will eventually be the best gift that they could give just in time to celebrate and spend time with their significant others.


Of course, there’s no need to elaborate that romance is a very important ingredient to make every relationships lasts. It gives the couples a chance to bond and ignite their interest with each other. Romantic getaways especially in Boracay takes their relationship to to the next level. Getaways like this will certainly produce wonderful stories that are worth-remembering and eventually be a bond that will make their love stronger than before.


So, the main objective of this article is to help couples out there to have suggested activities while they are in this famous island that is also dubbed as the romance capital of the Visayan region. Here are some of the suggested activities that they can do while in the island.


Go on a dinner date in Hotels

Here’s the thing, if you happen to know a travel operator in the Philippines, getting a hotel is never a problem because usually, hotel accommodations are included in the package that you’ll be getting. If you want a romantic dinner, all you have to do is to reserve for a hotel accommodation that will fit your budget.


Some hotels in Boracay if you just search very well prepares a unique dining experience for their clients. Couples who are also full-pledge foodies can expect wide array of Mediterranean and Filipino cuisine as well.


Party and dance the night away

It is an open secret that Boracay is the best beach party destination because of its vibrant night life. It attracts couples to party as well as fall in love with the sunset. To be generally clear about this, there are different bars in Boracay to those couples who love upbeat music or even Jazz. Boracay, during night time is filled with romance that the both of you can discover together.


Try Different Water Activities

Other must-try things to do in Boracay are its varied water activities that puts excitement to every couples. Water activities like Parasailing can be an ideal activity since it’s a very exhilarating activity. Parasailing is the best recreational activity they are towed behind a boat while attached to a specially designed canopy wing or something that resembles a parachute or a parasail wing.

Boracay is a place where you can find different activities because of its romantic ambiance. Those who are planning to visit Boracay for a date or a leisure trip will not find it hard to fall in love with this place because of what’s in store for lovers in this paradise.


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Reach for the Stars with Dubai's Skyscrapers

What comes into your mind when you heard Dubai tourist destination? Some would say deserts; some would say its skyscrapers, but unbeknownst to many, Dubai holds the most number of skyscrapers ever built in the world.



Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai has emerged as a global city and business hub of the Middle East. As of 2012, Dubai is the 22nd most expensive city in the world and the most expensive city in the Middle East. Their skyscrapers and high-rise buildings define how Dubai stands compare to other countries.


This city is the home of the tallest buildings ever built in the planet. In less than ten years since the 90s, the city has amassed one of the largest skylines in the world; it is now home to the world’s tallest building, the world’s tallest residence, and the world’s tallest hotel. With a total number of 911 completed high-rises and 640 active high-rises currently in development, Dubai is the place for architectural junkies.


The Burj Khalifa

The price jewel of Dubai. This 828 meters building and its 163 floors stood as both the tallest building in the world and the tallest man-made structure of any kind in the world. Not just that, the building holds several world records until today including the world’s highest elevator installation, the building with world’s highest occupied floor, and more.


Obviously, its height definitely catches everyone’s eyes compare to other structures. But there are parts of the tower that stands out which become a must-see for tourists. The highest outdoor observation deck in the world is in Burj Khalifa’s 124th floor. When it opened, it offered visitors views from 555 meters above the ground. The Burj Khalifa offers a scenic view of its park along with the Dubai Fountain.


Marina 101

Marina 101 is a 101-storey building in Dubai which is still under construction. It is set to be the tallest residential building in the world as of 2015 having a 5-star Hard Rock hotel with 281 rooms. It also features a club lounge, restaurants and a merchandise store.


Princess Tower

Princess Tower is currently the second tallest building in the ever-expanding metropolis of Dubai, after the Burj Khalifa, and the 20th tallest building in the world. This was the tallest residential building in the world from 2012 to 2015 until it was overtaken by 432 Park Avenue in New York City. The tower stands at 107 storeys and includes basement floors, a ground floor and 100 levels above ground.


23 Marina

23 Marina holds the record for the world’s tallest all-residential building until the completion of the Princess Tower in 2012. The tower is equipped with its own private elevator in each duplex along with 57 swimming pools.


Elite Residence

Comprising 91 floors which contain 695 apartments, 12 elevators and amenities such as swimming pools, spas, and more, Elite Residences earned its place to be the third tallest residential building in the world. The building also overlooks one of the manmade palm islands, Palm Jumeirah.


Dubai has a rich collection of buildings and structures of various architectural styles. Tourism has a very large and important role in boosting Dubai’s economy and its towers and buildings erected everywhere witnessed to that.






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Reason Why Bali is a Top Travel Destination in Asia

From a land covered with beaches, rich diversity of species, tropical rain forests and volcanoes, it’s no surprise Bali is known as the Island of the Gods. This place must be on your top list if you’re planning to visit the beloved Indonesian archipelago. Here you’ll experience the complete island getaway from cool uplands down to the coastal waters.

Traveling Taipei: Worth Visiting Important Landmarks

Taipei is the home of a multicultural history. Adding to the rich cultural heritage, are the world-famous architectural or cultural landmarks the city has to offer. Taipei is branded as the Heart of Asia, mainly because of its geographical location.

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Georgia: An Ideal Holiday Destination

Despite being a small country, Georgia’s untouched beauty is serene yet stunning. The natural landscapes alone witnessed to that. Touring Georgia can be a whole lot of fun especially if your vacation is spent with your family, friends and loved-ones.



Find out why Georgia is an Ideal Holiday Destination

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Singapore is undoubtedly the most modern and successful city in Southeast Asia. Aside from its ethnic and shopping areas, Singapore offers a range of attractions to fascinate all ages. There is no way you’ll find it hard to visit Singapore as it is one of the easiest and most comfortable country to navigate. Under 719 square kilometers of land, find out the most important landmarks during your stay in Singapore.


Sentosa Island

Here you’ll find the most famous icon and statue of Singapore: The Merlion, which has the head of a lion and the body of a fish. For beach lovers, Sentosa Island is the perfect place for you. There are several attractions here as well such as the country’s preserved fort, Fort Siloso and an Underwater World aquarium. Siloso Beach is also the right place for your skin to get tanned or play volleyball or go kayaking.


Marina Bay Sands

This resort complex exemplifies Singapore’s taste in living luxuriously. The complex includes a hotel, a mall, luxury brands, and the Marina Bay Sands Skypark. There is a ship that tops the hotel which contains the viewing deck and the infinity pool. Only the hotel guests are allowed to use the pool but everyone can visit the observation deck. At the skypark, you can see the impressive Singapore skyline that will take your breath away.


Singapore Flyer

Known as the world largest giant observation wheel, enjoy a view that comprises not only the Singapore skyline, but also to the Spice Islands of Indonesia and Malaysia’s Straits of Johor. Flights here last for 30 minutes each and run from early morning until late at night. Therefore, you can choose which view of the city you want to see: at night or during the day.


Gardens by the Bay

At the top of the Marina Bay Sands is the perfect place to relax and escape the busy aura of the city. Gardens by the Bay contains group of iconic structures designed to perform environmental-friendly functions. Head over to the Cloud Forest Dome, where you can find the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. You won’t be able to go home after visiting this.


Little India and Arab Street

Harboring 3-million diverse population is what makes Singapore an interesting country. For shopaholics and foodies, nowhere is truer than in Little India and Arab Street. Here you’ll find rich traditions, delicious foods and local character in its older quarters. This Indian community dates back for more than 200 years.


Raffles Hotel

This is one of the world’s last colonial-style luxury hotels and was named after Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, the founder of Singapore. It was once visited by literary personalities, as well as the actor Charlie Chaplin. This hotel has served as a Singaporean landmark for over a century and continues to live up until this day. It is also home to several historic sites such as the Raffles Landing Sites, which is the seeds of Singapore’s multi-ethnic identity were sown.


Singapore Zoo

This establishment deserves to be called as the world’s best rainforest zoo. The place is so clean and appealing, and the animals were being treated nicely. Some of the animals include a chimpanzee family, kangaroos, zebras, white tigers, and may other creatures. To make you way to the zoo, one must allow at least two to three hours. Guests can also observe feeding from the too!


Singapore welcomes you for a very lovely stay. Combining with great foods, fantastic shopping, exciting nightlife, and easy connections to the rest of the world, the Lion City is a great stopover for everyone.






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Tips for First Time Travelers to Saigon

Traveling for the first time is both a mixture of excitement and scary feelings. It’s like you want to discover something or do an activity that you haven’t tried before. People traveling for the first time often have these types of feelings. Traveling to far places give sense of motivation. It allows us to learn more about ourselves and the country that we visit like Saigon.


If you want to explore Asia for the first time, one of the countries that you should consider is Saigon. It is known today as Ho Chi Minh City, which is a top tourist destination for those who want to learn more about Asian culture.


Do Your Research

For a first timer to Saigon, doing your research before traveling for the first time will help you maximize and utilize your time in every step of the way. Getting some advice from experienced travelers or some friends who have been there before are also helpful as yourguide. Speaking of guide, you can also rely to guidebooks as they give you a full overview of the city with matching pictures, maps, and tips as well. Lastly, research on when is the best time to visit Saigon.


Always Have Fun

Never ever let a negative situation make you lose your interest because at the end of the day, collecting an experience of a lifetime lasts longer than any material things. Traveling’s number one role is about creating happy memories and experiences. So take selfies as many as you want at the different tunnels, war museums and more.


Don’t Be Afraid to Try the Local Foods

Vietnam is well-known for its diverse delectable cuisines such as spring rolls, noodle soups, stir fry veggies and beef dishes. Eating local foods as compared to fast foods or common dishes from the spicy, sweet and salty dishes are one way of keeping your stomach and taste buds satisfied. Lastly, never drink tap water in Saigon; stick with bottled water just for safety purposes.


Watch Your Belongings

As a first time traveler in Saigon, safety precautions must be on your top priority. Pickpockets are a thing in Vietnam. So it’s better if you keep your bag in front of you and hold them close to your body. Don’t make yourself an easy target, by being distracted with all the landmarks in Saigon. Always be aware of your surroundings and possessions.


As some people say, being a first timer has its advantages and disadvantages. We hope this article will help you to overcome your nerves as it gives important tips that you can use when you tour Saigon for the first time.




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Discover why Legazpi is the City of Fun and Adventure

Legazpi City, Albay, the argest city of the Bicol Region located about 450 kilometers south of Manila is a pride city of Luzon. The Mayon Volcano, its crown jewel, is what this city brought to rise in the tourism industry. But Mayon Volcano isn’t the only reason made it popular, there is a ton of sightseeing stuffs this place has to offer too. No wonder why it’s known today as the “City of Fun and Adventure.”


Let us give you some reasons why you should visit Legazpi City now.


Sneak A Peek at the Mayon Volcano

Every tourist number one stop should be at the perfectly cone-shaped Mayon Volcano. Its panoramic view is undeniably breathtaking. Mayon Volcano is the most active volcano in the Philippines, scary for some, but for others, this is the perfect place for photo junkies. The most common outdoor activity in the area is hiking and trekking up to the crater. Hollywood celebrities like Zac Efron was a known visitor to the said volcano.


Experience Fun Outdoor Activities

Legazpi City is known for its vast number of tourism activities. Some includes zip-lining, skydiving and scuba diving. The city also serves as a jump-off point to other adventurous and water activities including river rafting and waterfalls exploration, spelunking, island hopping, skimboarding and whale shark interactions. Even the TV Show, ‘The Amazing Race Asia’ showcased several activities here. No wonder why its tourist arrivals increases at 15 percent last year. In other words, nothing can stop the rise of Mayon Volcano in the world’s top tourist destinations.


Banquet On Their Local Cuisine

Visiting Legazpi City is not complete if you haven’t try their local cuisine. Take a stop at a local eatery to try their famous Bicol Express and Pinangat that everyone loves despite its spicy flavor. You can also try some of their pork cuisines like stewed pork, various innards and pork’s blood.


Hassle Free Travel Time

Legazpi City is accessible by all modes of transportations, making it the gateway to Bicol. Visitors can choose from several transportation options when going to Legazpi. But the fastest and the most convenient type of transportation is by air travel whose travel time ranges from 45 minutes to one hour. If you’re travelling through land transportation, a bus heading to Legazpi City consumes at least nine hours travel time.


Stroll at the City Landmarks

Tourists can stroll at the Legazpi’s Rizal Park or Peñaranda Park and take a selfie at the Liberty Bell and the Peñaranda Monument. Everyone can also visit life-sized statues and centuries-old churches like the Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue, the Saint Raphael Church and the Saint Gregory the Great Cathedral. Obviously, this city is made for architecture junkies.


Shop for Local Products

For people who enjoy shopping, take home some of Legazpi City’s wide set of local products and delicacies at their notable markets. Tourists can try visiting the Pacific Mall Legazpi, the first full-sized mall in Bicol. Other malls in Legazpi include Embarcadero de Legazpi, which is also a night market where you can shop all night. Some of their prominent products include the pili nuts, native pies, dried fish and other souvenirs you will love. Lastly, try buying them in wholesales or bulks to get a discount.








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With its crystal clear blue waters, white sand beaches, and amazing relaxation sites, Boracay is hailed as one of the best beach islands in the world by different tourist sites and publications. Well, everyone knows that Boracay is probably the most popular beach island in the country and in Asia. It’s every Filipino’s dream to visit this island located in the province of Aklan.


You will never run out of things to do in this place. With nearly one million tourist arrivals just for the first half of 2016, find out why tourists choose Boracay:


The Stunning White Sand Beaches

Popular for its white sand beaches and clear blue waters. These are the words that come into our minds when we heard Boracay Island. But seeing it in real life is extraordinary and will make you not leave this beautiful island. It is best when experienced than being described. The sand is remarkably white. If you’ve been to many beautiful beaches in the world, nothing comes close to Boracay Island.


The Iconic Sunset

Your trip to Boracay is not complete if you haven’t seen the sunset in this island. If you’ve already had the chance to marvel at the way that the sun sets by Manila Bay, you should grab the chance to see the one in Boracay as well with your partner or the whole family. Seeing the parasails slowly turning black against the orange sky is really breathtaking.


The Fun Water Adventures

One of the main reasons that make tourists chooses this beautiful paradise are definitely because of its water sports. Parasailing, Banana Boat, Fly Fish, Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Jetski — these water sports are available to the public that makes the trip more unforgettable and fun. For a person who is fond of adventures, you can also try cliff diving at Ariel’s Point, which is another popular island activity. Beginners can take the jump and experience cliff diving for the first time and if you really love thrills, jump the highest spot.


The Mouthwatering Foods

The best way to blend with locals is by trying their foods. Fishing is one of the Filipinos’ most common jobs. D’Talipapa is a wet market in Boracay that sells variety of seafood and they can prepare it in your chosen styles. Also, never leave Boracay Island without drinking buko juice or the coconut water.


The Welcoming People

90% of the Filipinos speak the English Language making it easier to blend among them. Filipinos are probably the sincerest and nicest people you’ll ever meet. Nothing is more welcoming than a genuine smile that locals so generously give especially in a paradise island!


The Lovely Weather

Most tourists ask, “What’s the best month to travel to Boracay?” Some people would say March or May but actually, Boracay has a tropical climate. The rainy season which begins around June and ends late October and the dry season which runs from November to May. This lovely island is just a gem, peak or off-peak season.


The Soul-Soothing Underwater Sites

Boracay is a huge island. You can’t just explore it in a day, but exploring underwater sites makes the trip more unforgettable. Underwater sites are just within five to thirty minutes off the island so expect colorful reefs, beautiful walls and wrecks, and coral-covered seabeds along the way.


Destination for Relaxation

Sure, Boracay may be dubbed as the party islands of the Philippines but, Boracay is not just for party-goers, it’s for families too which is a perfect place to do nothing and just relax. The island was placed 3rd among world’s best destination for relaxation. If you want to relax and unwind by the beach during the day and night, then Boracay is the perfect spot for you.


From its stunning beaches to its delicious foods, everything is in Boracay Island. It is the perfect place for both relaxation and adventure. Never leave the island without experiencing the best things it has to offer. Cheers to one of the most beautiful places on earth. Go to Boracay now before it’s too late!




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Bohol is one of the many Islands that make up the Philippines and has a lot of exciting escapades to offer from its beaches to its amazing landscapes. The culture and its people, the activities and its historical sites are just tip of the iceberg.


The Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills are probably the most famous attraction in Bohol. With over a thousand hills stretch over a 50 square kilometer area, this magnificent work of nature catches everyone’s eyes. The name ‘Chocolate Hills’ comes from the fact that the hills turn brown during the dry season despite its green grasses.


The Philippine Tarsier

Meet the smallest primate in the world only in Bohol. They are so small that they can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Tarsiers are nocturnal animals, which mean they are awake at night and sleeps during the day. But what makes the Tarsiers well-known was because of their big brown eyes and their head that can rotate at 180 degrees. Visiting tarsiers in the Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary in Corella, Bohol is a once in a lifetime moment so this one must be on your bucket list.


Floating Restaurants

For a unique cruise experience, there’s Loboc River Cruise and Floating Restaurant in Loboc, Bohol. As you slowly drift down the Loboc River, you can enjoy a delicious Filipino buffet and a serenade from a local community that costs 450 pesos per person. This place is also popular in making Filipino movies. The best part is that the cruise offers scenic views of the forest.


Virgin Island

Panglao Island is located southwest of Bohol and east of Cebu. This island earned its place as one of the top destinations in the Philippines for its stunning coral reefs, white sands, numerous world class beach resort and diving spots. There are also a lot of attractions to do for tourists such as scubadiving, island hopping, dolphin watching, snorkeling, kitesurfing and fishing. The peaceful ambiance of the island makes this a perfect must-see tourist spot among Bohol’s top tourist spots.


Historical Sites

Cap your visit with a stop at Baclayon Church in Baclayon, Bohol, which is a nice stop for people who enjoy history and architecture. Its antique decorations and religious relics, some of which are on display in the church museum, date back to the 16th century. Even its main road is also home to over 60 Spanish-Filipino ancestral homes, some of which were built as far back as 18th century.


A Place for Spelunking

Bohol derived its name from the vernacular Bisayan word “buho” which means holes, due to many caves that scattered in the province. Hinagdanan Cave in Dauis is the first to become popularly known. There is also the second longest cave in the Philippines, Carmolaon Cave. Spelunkers must explore Bohol nowadays as there are more caves waiting to experience.


In need of a new adventure or vacation but don’t know where to go? Start in Bohol. Explore the bizarre Chocolate Hills. Fall in love with the cute Tarsiers and make friends with the locals. Bohol has everything for the perfect getaway!




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 Top 11 must see travel destinations in the Philippines
Top 11 must see travel destinations in the Philippines

Discover the Top 11 must see travel destinations in the Philippines



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List down the Top 10 must see places in Kuala, Lumpur Malaysia
List down the Top 10 must see places in Kuala, Lumpur Malaysia

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Find out why Batanes Island is a Hidden Paradise of the North?

              Find serenity in the unspoiled island of Batanes. For a nature lover and for someone who wants to escape the capital, this one is a must-see. From its green hills that carpet the whole island, massive cliffs and oceans reflecting the clear blue sky to the rich cultural heritage of the Ivatans, the visiting experience that comes with it will make it difficult for you to come home.

Traveling Batanes: Where to Stay During Vacation

What comes into your mind when you hear the word “Batanes?” For some of those who haven’t been there, they will associate this serene place to a famous TV commercial. With a tagline, “Balikan ang pinanggalinggan or “going back home,” let’s have a Batanes adventures.

Do you want to know the Top 7 Tourist Destinations In Batanes You Shouldn’t Miss?



Batanes is too much beauty in one place. Even if it’s the smallest province in the Philippines by land area and population, but it is in no way little when it comes to magnificence. This 10-piece archipelago has so much of spectacular sights to offer to lucky, lucky visitors. A tour in Batanes alone has the ability to make you question whether everything you see is real. Batanes is dreamy, fantastic, surreal and Uno Tours, the best tour operator in the Philippines, will make that travel dream to Batanes come true with our Batanes tour packages. Below are top 7 tourist destinations in Batanes you shouldn’t miss.





You may found these labyrinthine network of hedges called the liveng by the locals as you explore the hills of Batanes. It runs all over farms and pasturelands and forms like a verdant mix of maze and web. The liveng is usually built by planting shrubs, bamboos, or small trees. It protects the crops against grazing animals, and windbreakers. It is also designed to prevent soil erosion and serves as monument of their farm lots.






Say hello to Racuh Apayaman, known as the Marlboro Country, a famous pastureland. Marvel at the spectacular panorama of green meadows where water buffalo, horses and other livestock roam freely, the mountains, the hills, and the sea, as you listen to the gentle song of the wind. The image in your head will surely linger for days, months, and even years to come.





Imnajbu is a word which means settlement to the lowland or downhill, and is the smallest barangay in Batanes. This place is considered as the birthplace of Christianity in the islands though Fr. Mateo Gonzales, OP, Apostle of Batanes, who first landed in Imnajbu in 1682 A.D. according to church records. Therefore, it is a very significant and historical site in Batanes. Facing the Pacific, the site also offers spectacular vistas of the seascape and rock formations.





Located in Sabtang, this arch made of stone is the most photographed spot in Batanes, so popular that it becomes an icon. This arch was created by the sea and the island’s geologic forces. It also helps as a shade under the sun for tourists to stay and sometimes to have lunch. If you walk further the arch, the long stretch of shore behind it was impeccable.





Batanes has three lighthouses located in Basco, Mahatao and Sabtang Island. These structures were built not only to guide seafarers across the ocean, but also as tourist attractions. All three lighthouses are open to visitors anytime, emphasizing the view with their splendid and striking presence.





This beach is composed of boulders instead of white sand. Valugan means “east” in the Ivatan language. These boulders are said to be igneous rocks emitted by Mt. Iraya when it was geologically active hundreds of years ago. Photographers are usually the ones who visit here and want to do sunrise shoots amid the fantastic backdrop. Swimming here is impossible in order to avoid being smashed between the boulders and the sea.





The view deck is located at the island of Mahatao facing the West Philippine Sea, making this an ideal spot for sunset watching. It offers a magnificent view on the island’s coastline characterized by sea waves smashing the cliffs. This is also the perfect place to relax and enjoy the breeze of the wind blowing from the sea with the sight of the clear blue sea. Climbing back up is not for the faint of knees though.




Batanes is indeed bathed in serenity and dramatic scenery. No wonder it has virtually zero crime rate. Explore the province with your own or with your friends with Uno Tours’ Batanes travel packages to make your Batanes adventures unforgettable. 



Source: http://batanesadventuresblog.wordpress.com